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Conditions of Use

To pay your order you can  use your credit card , money order , regular check or paypal account.

Must  go through PAYPAL IPN there you can choose either credit card or Paypal account.

For using credit card look on  lower left hand side of the web page. You will see a link " Don't have a paypal account? Use your credit card or bank account ( where available) Continue "

Attention, please!

When you check-out your order ,select  PAYPAL IPN as your payment method.

When completing your order through PayPal , you must click on RETURN TO MERCHANT otherwise your order will not be completed! And we can not process your order .

Please, don't send check or money order before we will confirm your order. If you will send check, we will wait for check to clear .International payment can be INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER FROM WESTERN UNION or direct to our bank account or credit card.We will send you additional information , if needed.

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